The only thing standing between you and your dream career is knowing how to claim it.

Ready for your next big career step?

You already have the power to make it happen.

Now, hold on. I’m not talking about some “woo-woo” imagine what you want and it will fall into your lap kind of philosophy. My approach requires real work and effort because it’s based on knowing and promoting real value. Your real value.

I help women become experts about why they are remarkable and show them exactly how to create high-demand for what they offer. In other words, rather than stressing out about becoming an expert interviewer, I’ll show you how to become an expert advocate of YOU.

I’ve helped client after client uncover their potential, shine a spotlight on their unique value, and step into the lucrative, fulfilling career they deserve. I can help you too.

Here’s How
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About YOU, the Maximum Offer Client


  • are a bold, strong, successful, and accomplished woman.

  • hear that little voice in your head that urges you to take action toward the next big thing… but how and where?

  • are frustrated with the interview process because it’s not something you do often and you’re unsure how to stand out from the competition and showcase your true strengths.

  • struggle with knowing how to advocate for yourself and negotiate the salary you deserve.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women aim higher. Even more, I’ve shown them how to shape their professional life around their unique strengths and talents, resulting in increased engagement, personal career fulfillment, and superior performance at work. The process always starts with YOU – getting past your limiting beliefs, communicating your true value and potential, and learning how to use the full power of your presence to go after anything you want. Then, we formulate the strategies that will have others not only understanding your value, but championing your next move.

The Maximum Offer Solution

Imagine every interaction you have, from networking conversations to negotiating your offer, being as natural and authentically ‘you’ as you are when you’re talking to your BFF.

When faced with the challenge of standing out in a competitive environment, the tendency of most women is to look outside themselves for help.  

They invest in resume writers and high-priced recruiters, believing that someone else can make them look better than they can on their own.

Here’s the truth:

To get the job or salary you deserve, you’ve got to be an expert about yourself.  What you’ve accomplished, and what you know you can accomplish in the future.  Being an expert about YOU means you’ll land the job you want no matter what type of interview you face. 

I help people become experts in recognizing why they are remarkable and then I show them exactly how to create high demand for what they offer.

Once my clients learn to capture the attention of employers and communicate their unique value in the most captivating way possible, they become unstoppable. A switch flips and they are able to obtain higher salaries and create better working environments because they  ultimately see their own self worth in an entirely different, more accurate, way.

Are you ready to own your worth? Are you ready to land your dream job?

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Get the Workbook!

Interviewing, especially for the next step up in your career, is extremely stressful and keeps many women from striving for the next level in their career.  It’s overwhelming to try and prepare answers for the hundreds of potential interview questions that will set you apart from the competition and showcase your unique value.

But, what if you could  learn one simple technique that would effectively prepare you for every possible question they could ask?

The Cutting Edge Interviewing Workbook is organized systematically to set you up for success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Transform your ability to communicate your true value with one simple Magic Question

  • Utilize a simple process that eliminates the need to have a different answer for the hundreds of potential questions you could be asked in an interview

  • Maximize any offer by communicating your value even after the interview is over

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About Christine

Early in my career I realized that I would have the most success, and the most fun,  if I identified my strengths and leveraged them to not only create success, but also compensate for the strengths and experience I didn’t have. I always seem to go for jobs that required specific experience. I started utilizing the strengths I did have to create the opportunities I wanted. I love the art of communication and over the years I honed my ability. As a result, I quickly became known as a master of words, the go-to person when you need a compelling way to communicate an idea, and the expert in creating strategic questions to uncover customer needs. I also realized I can see the potential, talents and strengths in those around me (I LOVE this!) I was surprised to discover that not everyone knows their strengths, or how to leverage them.

I had found a way to make my work more fulfilling and fun by simply using my unique gifts and abilities to see others unique gifts and abilities. Still, there was this voice inside my head saying, “There is more. You are ready to make a bigger difference.” I mostly ignored it.

At the time, I felt that I should just be satisfied with what I’d accomplished.  I was successful and making a good living.  I should just play nice, be grateful, and not rock the boat. Does that sound familiar? After working with so many women over the years, I’ve learned that this is a shared story. As women, I think most of us have both heard and ignored that niggling voice in the back of our heads urging us towards more. Is now the time to listen to that voice telling you there’s more?

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Before working with Christine, I was a Territory Business Manager with a solid track record of producing results. Over the years I had enjoyed what most would consider a successful career, but after a while the position started to feel robotic. My salary and benefits were pretty good so I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to land anything better. However, the little voice in my head was saying “I want to be excited and passionate about what I’m doing every day!” I decided to see if I could find a job that was more fulfilling and could increase my salary too. In the past, I had done typical interview preparation; this time I knew I needed more in order to compete against the very best, and win.

I hired Christine and I was more prepared than I ever could have imagined. She helped me uncover things about my strengths and my experience that I had never thought to highlight. I was able to verbalize exactly what I had to offer and how I could contribute to the success of the company I interviewed with. The information we uncovered about the company and the position showed me I was a perfect fit and helped me tailor my answers toward the pressing issues the company and manager were facing.  I have never felt more confident or powerful in an interview. I actually loved the whole process!

I got the job as a Senior Account Manager! I received a 10% increase in my base salary (a 5-figure increase!) plus an unexpected signing bonus!  I try to recommend Christine to everyone I know because her ability to help people rock their interviews is amazing. If for any reason I need to interview in the future, she will be my first call!

Amy B., Fort Collins, CO

I recently had an interview with a company experiencing explosive growth. Because of what I learned from Christine, I was able to immediately identify the CEO’s biggest need and then talk about my direct experience in the same type of situation. Honestly, it was a direct hit; a homerun! I was able to highlight my passion for this type of work and my strengths, and the conversation was so natural and alive. The recruiter said he was moving me right along in the process.  

Christine, before we worked together I felt like I was floundering all over the place. I just can’t thank you enough, for helping me get my confidence back! You helped me focus and without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did. Thank you, thank you!!!

Michelle M., Denver, CO

I had been an RN for a number of years and really wanted to get into management. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even give me a chance since I didn’t have any “specific” management experience. It had also been more than 7 years since my last interview and I dreaded the questions they may throw at me. Working with Christine helped me get clear and excited about what I had to offer. She taught me how address my strengths and experience while effectively overcoming any objections of me not having actual management experience. I loved asking the Magic Question! I know it was instrumental in me not only getting the job, but also getting an amazing offer! Thank you, Christine!

Tara B., Phoenix, AZ