About The Maximum Offer MethodTM

I’m going to let you in on a secret. To be worthy of your dream job, you don’t need to take another class, learn another skill, or log another accomplishment. The truth is, you will do those things no matter what because that’s who you are. You are a growth oriented person, always learning, always achieving, always ready for the next big thing. So, my question is…

If you’re going to do those things anyway – wouldn’t you rather do them from within your dream job while earning a higher than expected salary?

That’s what the Maximum Offer Method is about – showing you how to take control and achieve your next big thing now.

57% of men will negotiate job offers
7% of women will negotiate job offers

This is important because research shows that women wait far too long to pursue promotional opportunities. Statistics also show that 57% of men will negotiate job offers, while only 7% of women do. Can you imagine the monetary difference that makes over the lifetime of a career?  

You already have what it takes to land your dream job and negotiate a higher than expected salary. The Maximum Offer Method simply gives you the framework to attain it.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Identify, own, and change the thoughts and perspectives that are limiting your potential to achieve what you want. There is more to every story than the piece we are currently focused on. I’ll help you see the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of from a more empowering perspective. The voice inside your head should be empowering you, not tearing you down.
  • Understand your true value and communicate it in a way that makes people realize how much they need you. All my years in sales taught me that there is more to making a sale than just listing a product’s features. Being able to communicate the value is what closes the deal. Once someone understands the value of a product, the features simply support the fact that they already want it. I’ll help you formulate the strategies that will have others not only understanding your value, but championing your next move.
  • Take control of interviews and salary negotiations. It’s not the candidate with the most experience that gets the job – it’s the candidate that the interviewer believes will fulfill their most urgent needs. Instead of hoping that they realize you are qualified for the job, I’ll show you how to make it obvious that you are the answer to their biggest challenges.

About Christine

I started my career in pharmaceutical sales at twenty-four, and within two years my manager told me he thought I should start thinking about moving into management. I immediately rejected the idea. I told myself it was too much responsibility and I was not ready. The truth was that I was afraid to blow my cover. I was afraid he would find out that I wasn’t as good as he thought I was. It was safer to stay where I was. But looking back, I can honestly say I would have been an awesome manager. I just didn’t have the courage to go for it, I didn’t believe I deserved it. For numerous reasons, I thought I had to pay my dues before I could get what I really wanted.

I remember at a very young age saying to myself, “I’m going to work hard. I’m going to save money and set myself up to be in a position to have the freedom and security to go for it when I’m in my forties. I want to be in a great position by then to chase my dreams.”

After 16 years as a pharmaceutical rep, I had accomplished exactly that. I had worked hard, achieved much, and created enough financial success to feel comfortable and secure. In many ways, I really loved my job. But I had also sacrificed feeding my soul to feed my need for financial security. I held myself back by listening to the little voice inside my head that said it’s too risky to put yourself out there.

All along, however, the truth about what I really wanted in life had sneaky ways of making itself known. I’ve always been a keen observer of other people’s strengths, able to see what makes someone special. Even in college, I was the person friends came to for help with resume writing and interview preparation. I’ve always had an internal drive to help others experience success.   Early in my career I realized that I, too would have the most success if I identified my strengths and leveraged them to further my success.

As a result, I quickly became known as a master of words, the go-to person when you needed a powerful way to communicate an idea, the expert in creating compelling questions to uncover customer needs. I could see the potential in others and draw out the best in them. I had found a way to make my work more fulfilling and fun simply by using my unique gifts and abilities.

Still, there was this voice inside my head saying, “There is more. You are ready to make a bigger difference.” I mostly ignored it.

At the time, I felt that I should just be satisfied with what I’d accomplished.  I was successful and making a good living.  I should just play nice, be grateful, and not rock the boat. Does that sound familiar? After working with many women over the years, I’ve learned that this is a shared story. As women, I think most of us have both heard and ignored that niggling voice in the back of our heads urging us towards more.

For me, I had to reach a point in my life where that voice was too loud to ignore. My years in sales had honed my ability to discover a need and fill it. And my insistent desire to make a difference helped me see that there was a desperate need for women to take control over when and how they would achieve their next big thing.

There are lots of reasons why women hold themselves back from living more powerfully in the truth of who they are, what they want, and what they can achieve. Your reasons are probably different from mine. It doesn’t matter. It only matters that we stop getting in the way of achieving our next big thing.

My next big thing was this – The Maximum Offer Method.

My wish for you is that you will make the decision today to go after what you really want, what you so clearly deserve. Don’t wait and hold yourself back the way I did. Get what you want now.

No more waiting. Today is the right day to begin achieving your next big thing. Schedule your complementary 30-minute conversation with me now.

Fun Facts About Christine

  • I live in Windsor, CO on a beautiful property that overlooks the Rocky Mountains with my amazing husband, 3 stepchildren, horses, and our beloved family dogs Murphy, Simba and Grounder.

  • My vision is a world where women see their value, advocate for themselves, live in their strengths, and are no longer held back by external circumstances dictating their reality.

  • My mission is to facilitate successful, high-earning, career-driven professional women to create authentic confidence and powerful presence when communicating their value in interviews.  I help women discover and experience their unique value and strengths in ways they’ve never considered before, all resulting in maximum offers.

  • My Strength’s Finder 2.0 strengths are: strategic, relator, activator, maximizer, individualization which makes me a powerful, empowering advocate for others’ successes!

  • I believe personal and professional development are essential parts of our life and I am an avid Tony Robbins fan as a result of that.

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