Cutting Edge Interviewing Workbook by Christine Hutchins

Interviewing. It’s not exactly something most of us think of as fun. In fact, most people really dread it… And for good reason. You’ve chosen to go after that job that you really want. The only thing standing in your way is the dreaded interview. You only have one conversation in which to convince your interviewer that you are the best choice.  It’s a lot of pressure. It can feel like. . .

Like you’ve only got one brief moment to make an impression that could drastically affect the rest of your life.

Many of my clients tell me that it feels like preparing for an interview is a part-time job—a job they don’t have time to do because they are already working full time. But here’s the good news: there’s a different way to approach this interview process that is much, much more effective. Consider this possibility:

What if you already have everything it takes to nail the interview and land the job, you just need a framework for how to communicate it?

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The Cutting Edge Interviewing Workbook will take you through 3 cutting-edge concepts that will instantly catapult you ahead of other candidates, and position you to land your next promotion or dream career.


Transform your ability to communicate your true value with one simple Magic Question


Utilize a simple process that eliminates the need to have a different answer for the hundreds of potential questions you could be asked in an interview


Learn how to maximize any offer by communicating your value even after the interview is over

The Cutting Edge Interviewing Workbook is organized systematically to set you up for success. I’ll show how to communicate your value in a way that inspires employers to do whatever it takes to get you on their team.  After all, it’s not the candidate with the most experience that gets the job – it’s the candidate that the interviewer believes will fulfill their most urgent needs.

What you’ll get from this workbook:

  • A focused approach to help you prepare for any job, board, or committee interview
  • Specific strategies for all aspects of an interview, from the challenging request “Tell me a little about yourself,” all the way to closing the end of an interview, that lead to brilliant interview performance and enables negotiation of salary or benefits
  • Guidance to help you create personalized answers and examples for interview questions and effective ways to find and highlight your strengths
  • An interview checklist to ensure you’re ready to rock the day of your interview

In just a few hours with this workbook, you will have a clear path that helps you get from start to finish in every interview with clarity, confidence and ease. You will feel more prepared for an interview than ever before.

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