Many high-earning professional women are held back by a little voice inside their heads that says
“I should just be grateful for what I already have.”

I empower these women to uncover and embrace their personal power and make proactive moves to get what they really want and deserve. A more lucrative and fulfilling career that pays them what they are worth.

We know you are already bold, strong, and successful in all you do (well, most of it!) But interviewing?  Interviewing, especially for the next step up in your career, can be really stressful and even keep women from striving for the next level in their career.  Many women struggle with advocating for themselves, or in choosing which of their successes to share and  (And women have a very good reason to feel this way, as we’ll cover in this video).

Since there are hundreds of potential interview questions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  What if you could learn and practice one simple technique that removes the need to prepare a different answer or personal experience for every possible question they could ask?

Competition for this position is intense, so how are you going to stand out?. The old methods (STAR, SAR) are not engaging or memorable;  they won’t help you separate yourself from the competition.  But here you’ll learn my distinctive SPAR formula, that teaches you how to tell your unique stories of success in compelling and memorable ways.  This cutting edge formula makes you the hero in your story.

  • Create compelling stories to help you highlight your strengths and experience in an interview.
  • Communicate in memorable ways that work with your interviewer’s innate neurobiology.
  • Use the potential for conflict utilizing a “villain” in your story to get your interviewer on the edge of his/her seat.
  • Bring to life the results you created from your accomplishments.
  • Help your interviewer visualize and experience your value and the results you could potentially create for his/her organization.

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