My philosophy is pretty simple:

As a high-earning, successful woman, you already have what it takes to achieve your next big thing.

You are smart, creative and insightful, with years of experience under your belt and all the scars and skills to prove it. You are also probably not recognizing, embracing, and advocating for the true value of what you accomplish each and every day.

Hopefully, you are proud of all you’ve accomplished.

But, somewhere inside, you are also restless.

As you competently move through your days, there is a tape running in the background that says,

It’s time for more.”

On the outside, your life appears to be moving forward at an impressive rate. But, on the inside you know you’re capable of more. At times you wonder why you can’t just be content with what you’ve accomplished and achieved. And yet, you can’t shake the feeling that the best is yet to come.

You may or may not be clear on the details – but you know that everything in your life has been leading you to the next big thing. The challenge is in clearing the path.

Research shows that women wait far too long to pursue promotional opportunities. We put our heads down and work hard, waiting for the perfect time to pursue that next career move.  While we wait to apply for a promotion until we believe we are 100% qualified, most men will apply when they believe they are 60% qualified. That may be a big reason why women account for nearly half of the labor force, but represent only 25% of executive and senior-level officials and managers. We hold a meager 19% of board seats and less than 5% of us are CEO’s. We are also consistently paid less then men for the same job.

This is not because we have less skills, drive, experience or intelligence.

Sometimes, we simply get in our own way. We set our expectations too low. Often, we don’t really understand how much we’re allowing external circumstances to dictate our reality. We fail to realize that, as women, shaping the world towards a better ideal is actually possible.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women aim higher. Even more, I’ve shown them how to shape their professional life around their unique strengths and talents, resulting in increased engagement, personal career fulfillment, and superior performance at work. The process always starts with YOU – getting past your limiting beliefs, communicating your true value and potential, and learning how to use the full power of your presence to go after anything you want. Then, we formulate the strategies that will have others not only understanding your value, but championing your next move.

You are powerful enough to create whatever opportunities you desire and step into your next big thing with the rightful expectation of success.  Yet, it’s important to know that as women, our approach needs to be different than men. Using the Maximum Offer Method, you will be both powerful and compassionate, both creative and collaborative.  The key is knowing how to harness the power of your own unique strengths and abilities in a way that results in maximum offers.

As women, we have the ability to choose what we want and then create the circumstances to achieve it. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. I can’t wait to see it happen for you.

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