I facilitate successful, high-earning, career-driven professional women to create authentic confidence and powerful presence when communicating their value in interviews. I do this through three programs: The Maximum Offer Signature Program, Maximum Offer C-Suite Strategies, and the Maximum Offer Interview Crux.

Maximum Offer Signature Program $1499

Women’s Careers: We wait too long and ask for too little

What the heck, ladies. Have you seen the data?

  • Research shows that women wait far too long to pursue promotional opportunities. Men apply when they believe they have 60% of job description requirements, while women wait to apply until they believe they are 100% qualified.
  • Statistics comparing how men and women handle job offers are rather abysmal. 57% of men will negotiate job offers, while only 7% of women do. Can you imagine the monetary difference that makes over the lifetime of a career?  
  • In 2014, women accounted for 45 percent of the overall S&P labor force, but we represent only 25 percent of executive and senior-level officials and managers, hold only 19 percent of board seats, and are only 4.6 percent of CEOs.

On the surface it may seem like women are self-sabotaging our career paths and financial prosperity. It is easy to look at this data and think, wow, women really need to be more assertive when it comes to their careers. And maybe women just aren’t as good as men at negotiating. But if you dig a little deeper you quickly learn the real reasons behind these disheartening facts.

As women, we are socially conditioned to do most of the work, but to give credit to others around us. Pretty much the exact opposite of our male colleagues who have been taught to take credit for most things, even if they were only slightly involved.

And for most women, it is second nature to recognize value in others, often long before we see value in ourselves. We love to advocate on another’s behalf, to fight for someone else to be treated fairly. Even with all of our advances in the corporate world, advocating for ourselves is still an unspoken no-no. So much so that we can’t even see our own value. We see and acknowledge other’s strengths and hard work quickly and effortlessly. Yet when it comes to seeing – or even worse – speaking our own awesomeness? Nope, we can’t see it, and we definitely can’t speak it.

In our fast-paced, ultra-competitive workplace, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the value you offer to a current and future employer. The days of putting your head down, doing the work, and hoping to be acknowledged, are gone. It is imperative to communicate the difference you are making to the higher-ups, to make your achievements visible and known. They, too, are busy trying to prove their worth, so they don’t have time to search for the value you are adding.

And now. It’s time to interview for that next level job. And we’ve got BOTH this ultra-competitive environment AND our own natural reticence to deal with. Today’s top level employers want to know, “What can you do for me that no one else can? Will I still need you tomorrow?” Everyone must be able to answer this, but as a woman, you must be savvy about HOW you answer.

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that there are more women than ever in the workplace, including record numbers of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. We have an abundance of amazing women contributing more and more value to companies, clients, and customers. But even with more women leaders, our stubborn cultural bias still exists (even if it’s mostly subconscious). We still have massive numbers of women waiting too long to go for that job they really want. We still have too many women accepting lower offers, less money, and fewer promotions than they so rightly have earned.

The Maximum Offer Solution

Understanding this dynamic and its influence on your career path can have a profound effect on how you prepare for your next move up. The first step is learning to anticipate that next move much earlier than you had ever imagined, and setting your goals commensurately higher. The next step is to discover cutting edge interviewing strategies designed specifically for women. Take your income to the next level with powerful insights into your strengths and talents. See the value you offer in a way you’ve never thought of. Have the confidence to communicate your value in a powerful, meaningful way throughout the entire interview process. Earn the Maximum Offer, setting the stage for a lucrative career. Because let’s be real: earning more money while making a difference with your awesomeness is way more fun!

A realistic assessment of your career goals.

Women usually aren’t aiming high enough in either position or salary, and we’re going to choose a goal that truly honors your experience and accomplishments.

A rediscovery of your strengths and values.

We will use the ELI assessment and Strengths Finder 2.0 to get clear on the multiple layers of your value and strengths, and most importantly, we’ll uncover and address the limiting beliefs that have held you back from getting what you really want and deserve.  

The ability to knock your Interview Out of the F-ing Park.  

You’ll learn two secret strategies that are absolute game-changers for every conversation at every stage of the interview process.  This is the absolute nuts and bolts of the Maximum Offer Program.

A solid, comprehensive understanding of your entire industry, not just your desired position.  

Together we’ll do the research on the competitors in the marketplace, giving you the knowledge and confidence to show up as clearly the most prepared candidate.

 The tools to master your mental/emotional state

under stress so you can show up as your most powerful self for the actual interview. Everybody gets nervous.  Learn how to make this work FOR you.   

Compelling techniques turning every communication into an opportunity to add value

for your new prospective employer, even after the interview is complete.  Most people waste this golden opportunity to continue to show up BIG, but you won’t.

The Single Most Important Mindset Shift

that will separate you from the competition, time after time after time.

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Maximum Offer C-Suite Strategies $799

As an executive in a C-Suite position, you have a wealth of information, excellent communication skills, and a firm grasp on your industry and the big picture. All the more reason to ensure that you are at the top of your game with the ability to articulate your value using the newest strategies available in an interview. At this level, you’ve got to come prepared to change the rules of the game, if you want to play at all.

About the C-Suite Strategies Program

  • At this level, you are so deep in the business and you know yourself, what you want, and the needs of the position they are pursuing
  • You must be prepared to interview with board members, shareholders and the rest of the C-Suite team
  • Learn powerful ways to describe how your past experience and personal talent make you the most logical person for the position in the most succinct, compelling way possible
  • Ensure you are in a powerful position to negotiate by effectively communicating the value you bring to the position as well as the entire company

C-Suite Strategies: Learn three cutting edge strategies for interviewing. $750

  • The Magic Question
  • SPAR – Since you won’t be answering the typical interview questions at this level, you’ve got to have a powerful formula to share your experience and stories of success
  • Follow-up with purpose (create value after the interview)
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Maximum Offer Interview Crux $1029

This program is for the women who are fast approaching an interview opportunity or have recently found an incredible position and applied for it. This faster-paced approach to our Maximum Offer Signature Program delivers power-packed results in a short period of time. As successful professionals, we don’t interview very often, so it is key to refine your interview skills in advance.

Learning the 3 cutting edge strategies that are part of the signature offer which totally separate you from other candidates.

In this program, our focus is to:

  • Make you memorable to rise above the competition
  • Communicate your value in a way that makes the employer feel that you are a necessary part of their team
  • Position you to get the Maximum Offer

Results this program delivers:

  • Confidence, presence, clarity and refinement
  • Removes overwhelm and reduce the stress
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